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Holidays with Hearing Loss

Holidays with Hearing Loss

The holidays are approaching.  For most of us, we anticipate these joyous celebrations and all the festive activities with family and friends.  Unfortunately, for the hard of hearing these gatherings can lead to isolation, sadness, and even depression.

In the background, nostalgic holiday music can be uplifting, unless it hinders the hearing impaired from understanding even one on one dialogue. Music and TV, mixed with excited group discussions all lead to a very noisy environment for the hard of hearing person who is trying to participate.   Heart-to-heart talks with children due to their soft voices are overwhelming. Even more challenging are group conversations.

For these reasons, even the lure of sharing a meal with loved ones with their favorite holiday foods, your hard of hearing senior may opt to stay home and not say why.

Some seniors find it difficult to admit to their hearing loss.  They may feel angry because they can not follow a conversation and think everyone mumbles, or wonder why people speak to them with a shouting voice.  Even the simplest discussion leads to confusion. If you have normal hearing, it is hard to understand their struggle.

Don’t let hearing loss deprive them of their loved ones. Instead of missing the holiday, be proactive.  Firmly suggest it is time to get help. Interacting with family and friends keeps them in the stream of life.  Recent studies show hearing loss effects your health and your life.  Not only can hearing loss make it harder to communicate, left untreated the isolation and withdrawal from life can lead to dementia. Encourage making an appointment with a hearing professional. Hearing aids can make a difference.

Today’s hearing instrument technology can help people better understand conversation in a noisy environment.  Keep your hard of hearing loved one involved this holiday season.


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