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Proper hearing aid maintenance can both extend the life of your hearing aid, but also keep you hearing better. If at one of our Colorado hearing aid centers, our dedicated and professional staff can show you how to properly take care of your hearing aid.

Many internal electronic adjustments will be made step-by-step over several weeks by one of our staff to help your brain gradually become acclimated to normal listening levels again.  This will require several visits.  These adjustments will be made to your hearing aids while you wait, with your input.

At first your own voice may sound strange to you.  Some wearers say that in the beginning they sound like they are in a barrel.  In time, it will sound natural.

Background noise is normal.  Normal-hearing people hear it too.  Don’t give up on hearing aids because noise bothers you.  Better hearing will require you to put up with a few inconveniences.

Buying hearing aids won’t give instant gratification. There is a learning curve which usually takes from six weeks to six months.  Success comes from practice and commitment to wear them all the waking hours.  Stick with it.  You will succeed.  Part-time users will fail to receive the full benefit of hearing aids.

Should your hearing aids ever stop working, don’t be alarmed.  This is normal.  The inner ear canal is 100 percent humidity and remains a constant 98 degrees.  Earwax is a combination of salt and corrosive body acid.  These conditions are harmful to electronics — but it is in this environment that hearing aids must perform.  You will need to bring your hearing aid in for routine professional care.

If you are having trouble hearing, make an appointment with Ears 2 U Hearing Aid Services. I am sure they can help you. I did and they helped me and it gets better everyday… ” – Casilda Deherrera, Alamosa