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Our Staff


At Ears 2 U, our staff is committed to provide you with quality hearing aid services by working with the best hearing aid brands available. Our team knows that each customer has unique hearing aid needs, and we provide you with the individual attention you deserve.


Scott Erickson, BC-HIS

Owner, Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist

After graduating with a degree in electronics from ITT in Portland, Oregon, Scott first worked as a repair technician. Years of extensive training followed, until he attained expert status in building, fitting, and adjusting the latest in hearing aid technology. Scott became the national trainer for Starkey Laboratories and taught advanced techniques in custom fitting to newly graduated audiologists from all over the U.S. for close to 9 years.

Scott went on to work for Sonus USA as the Area Manager for 26 clinics in Oregon, Washington, California, and Canada, attending to patients that had very difficult hearing losses. Scott ventured out on his own in 2004, and he has purchased multiple hearing aid clinics over the yearrs, providing his services now in Pagosa Springs and Alamosa.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Scott is dedicated to helping all his patients hear better with the best technology available. He feels that he has the responsibility of each patient’s hearing in his hands and takes that responsibility very seriously.


Gennette Erickson

Owner, Office Manager

Gennette has been working alongside her husband, Scott Erickson, since 2004. She has learned how the hearing aids work inside and out. She can help you with the cleaning of hearing aids and determine if your aid needs to be sent to the manufacturers. She has many hats and is responsible for billing, accounting, and marketing and most anything that needs done for Ears 2 U Hearing.  She has a warm inviting attitude that will greet you with a smile. Over the years she has developed the skills to help with a variety of hearing aid services.


Melissa Jiron

Alamosa Office Manager

Melissa joined Ears 2 U in November 2017 and came with many customer skills from her previous employer. She has a cheerful and helpful attitude that fits right in at Ears 2 U Hearing. She enjoys helping all of our customers, and we have trained her on the various hearing aids available. She can clean your aids and help determine if they need sent to the manufacturer for repair. We are very happy to have her as a part of our team.